Always here to help our community especially during these challenging times

There is so much to say about the last 3 months for sure.
A lot of emotions are coming through as these events are deeply impacting each one of us.
We have witnessed a thirst for a better future, and what else can we hope for Lebanon than a long-lasting impact on our future generations?
Recettes de Vie is a social initiative started in 2006. Recettes de vie is a cooking book made of delicious recipes from family and friends around the world, the support of dedicated sponsors and a human chain of volunteers who were able to distribute 100% of the proceeds to charities that defend the rights of women and children.
Recettes de Vie is, ultimately, the result of people working together to help our community and write altogether a better tomorrow for Lebanon.
In these challenging times, we have decided to help again few human and social institutions who needed our support.
The economy and sustainability of our country depends on small and big initiatives – individual and collective.
What can we wish you more than: Courage. Optimism. Resilience. Respect. Dignity. Solidarity.
Maissa & Ghia

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