Foodie Book: Recettes de Vie 2

It was a delight to be invited to Recettes de Vie 2’s signature last Thursday at Les Caves de Taillevent Beirut. This book is the second of a hopefully long series of recipe collections.

The core values of this concept (as it is a concept, beyond being a book) are unity, conviviality and sharing. It’s the story of Ghia, Mayssa and their wonderful entourage. The book was made thanks to the various recipes given to the authors by their friends and family. What I loved the most about each recipe is the part where each cook shares a small hint, to make their recipe nicer, or more “them”. I also loved how they reminisce the days where we were all studying in the kitchen while our mom was preparing a nice dish for dinner. It’s all warm and friendly in this book.

And last but not least, all proceeds go to charity, divided amongst various non-religious charity associations, helping children and women. The first edition helped gather 100,000 $ and they’re hoping to overcome this amount this year, so go ahead!

You can view the website here, and follow them on instagram: @recettesdevie) and facebook here.

Photos taken from Recettes de Vie’s Facebook page


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