Recettes de Vie 2 – Serving up even more success


Recettes de Vie 2 – Serving up even more success


Book’s second edition to benefit even more charities


Recettes de Vie (Recipes of Life) is about friends and family members, spanning one generation to another.


Recettes de Vie is also about NGOs, as all proceeds from the book are donated to non-political and non-religious charities. Following the first volume of Recettes de Vie, and thanks to our sponsors, book sales and the support of our distributors, we have donated more than US$100,000 to charity organisations.


In 2008, to help realise the promise of a more united Lebanon, all of the profits from sales of Recettes de Vie were donated to non-profitable organizations, in various fields, throughout Lebanon. Besides Recettes de Vie’s goal to donate 100% of the profit to these organizations, the intent is to raise awareness of various taboo subjects, a big part of Lebanese society’s daily struggle.


The non-profitable organizations helped with the first edition:


– Dar Al Amal (House of Hope): “Assisting children and women who are victims of violence, mistreatment, prostitution and abuse.”

– Oum El Nour (Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation): “Helping people overcome their drug dependency in order to build a healthy society, capable of developing itself in a durable way.”

– L’Association pour le Dévelopement de l’Education dans la Bekaa (The Non-Profit Organization for the Development of Education in the Bekaa): “Helping school teachers to obtain the equipment necessary for a better education and creating new schools in the Bekaa region.”

– Le Mouvement Social (The Social Movement): “A meeting place for young people coming from different Lebanese regions. They take action together on the socioeconomic issues in Lebanon through participation and dialogue.”

– L’Association du Foyer de l’Enfant Libanais – AFEL (The Non-Profit Organization of the Lebanese Child): “Being at the service of children, orphans or social cases and supporting families in order to guarantee a socioeconomic rehabilitation.”

– Les Secouristes de la Croix Rouge Libanaise (The Lebanese Red Cross): “Supporting victims of natural and human catastrophe by answering the urgent needs and easing the pain of the most vulnerable persons.”

– La Voix de la femme libanaise (The voice of the Lebanese Women): Established in the most underprivileged area of Lebanon and active in medical, social and educational fields.

– Association de la Protection des Enfants Libanais Centre Spastique: Center for handicapped children.- Arc en Ciel: Its mission is to participate in the sustainable development of society by supporting fragile communities and integrating marginalized individuals.- Les Restos du Coeur: Les Restos provides hot meals for the hungry and needy in the Sin al-Fil neighborhood.

– La Creche St Vincent de Paul: Centre for orphans.

– L’association des aveugles: Centre for blind people.

– Order of Malta: Centre of solidarity for handicap people to give back dignity to individuals.

– Acsauvel: Civil association for the protection of children in Lebanon.

– Chance: Children Against Cancer is a Lebanese association that helps children with cancer and blood disorders.

– Hope Without Borders: Schooling for Children.


Philanthropist support with the second edition


It seemed obvious that Recettes de Vie 2 would be based on the same value of sharing and

that all proceeds would be redistributed among humanitarian organizations.


We chose to give our support to associations actively supporting the rights of women and children. Indeed, we are witnessing, on a daily basis, poverty, violence and abuse against women and children. These women and children who are exploited and abused are facing extreme difficulties and require assistance.


All people, regardless of gender, should have equal access to education, full and decent employment, civil rights and health. The areas we want to focus on are education and the health of women and children in order to develop the stability of the community. We are convinced that the woman is the pillar of the family cell, and each woman who graduates from high school is twice as likely to send her own children to school and give them access to education. We are convinced that if we invest in women and children (especially girls), we will improve family conditions that will have a positive impact on our society.


Beneficiary NGOs are selected based on several criteria. The first is location; we want to help charities in the Levant and Gulf region. The second criterion is the choice of small associations that does not always have the means of established and recognized NGOs to properly raise funds and for which even a small amount of money can make a real difference. Finally, the last criterion is the organisation’s project. Each association should defend its rationale behind the funding request through a robust template describing the project’s purpose. We hope, through this strong commitment and gesture of solidarity, to help disadvantaged women and children, and contribute to their economic and social rehabilitation.


Recettes de Vie 2 is more than a collection of recipes; it’s a gathering of love.

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